Fall 2020 Schedule Notice

Due to the Coronavirus, we are all trying to find our new normal. We have had to re-think our studio practices and how things will work to keep your dancers safe while still getting to do what they enjoy. Listed below are our plans for Fall 2020 classes:

  1. Because of safety measures (see New Studio Procedures below) and the “new normal” for right now, we will be staggering our classes so we are able to keep everyone safe.
  2. As our class sizes may be limited to 10 or less, we will not be able to offer some of the classes that we have in the past. For PreDance, Beginners and Combo 1 and 2, we offer two classes per week, provided we have enough interest. Classes will be limited to 10 dancers. If classes max out, or are offered at only one time, classes may be split into two groups (see #3 for process). We don’t anticipate this happening but if it does, our plan is in place.
  3. For classes that exceed the maximum limit, we may split the class into two groups. For example, if Lyrical class has 15 dancers, we would split them into an A and B Group. Group A would be in the studio one week while Group B would follow along from home on Zoom at the same time. The next week they would switch. We are still working on the details but feel this would be a great plan so everyone can be in the studio in small classes while the others are learning right along with them.
  4. We may or may not be starting the year with Acro. We need to work out a few more details as far as safety measures and mats.
  5. Musical Theatre will not be offered as a separate class at this time, but we are aware that the dancers love it and will incorporate some of it into the other classes.

These are some of the changes we are making to start classes in the fall. If for some reason we are unable to have classes in the studio when we start in September, we would start on Zoom and return to the studio when we are able. This, of course, is Plan B.

We do appreciate your understanding during this time of uncertainty. Please make sure your dancer understands, as well.



New Studio Procedures (Fall 2020)

  1. All students will be dropped off and picked up from the front of the studio. You will need to come to the front door and your dancer will be brought to you. The lobby will be closed to parents. One person on staff will be outside accepting students. A second staff member will be inside waiting to receive students and will sanitize all hands as they arrive. All staff is required to wear masks. All students are required to wear them.
  2. Each student will remove street shoes and place them on a designated spot that is spaced throughout the lobby.
  3. Their dance bag will be hung on a hook assigned to them in the dance room. They will also wait on designated spots while others arrive.
  4. Our floors are tape gridded in a 6×4 ft. area leaving a blank square between each dancer as class sizes are limited to 10 or less. There is a taped off teacher area up front where students are not permitted and one by our desk, so that teachers can breathe, direct, drink water, change music, etc. without students within 6 ft. (And possibly pull off mask for a second to catch their breath.)
  5. Center floor work: Each student will stretch and do center work in the middle of each gridded square. For now, formations in dances are tabled for all younger dancers. We will do recital dances in our own taped square.
  6. Across the floor: Each dancer will report to their designated spot and go across the floor when called. Teachers know to randomly stagger those who are called, so no one follows another and possibly breathes in their exhaled droplets. Little ones will use their own gridded square for across the floor. Combos 1 and 2 will go out half way and then return to their spot so no one crosses each other’s space.
  7. Changing dance shoes: Little ones will sit on designated spot to change shoes and teachers will change their shoes from the floor, if they need help. After each shoe change everyone gets hand sanitizer again. Dance bags will not be able to be near other dance bags, hence the hooks in the rooms.
  8. Bathroom: After each use, we will ask if they washed hands…we will have them re-apply hand sanitizer. All soap is antibacterial. Bathrooms will be disinfected on a regular basis.
  9. At the end of each class (we will dismiss 5-10 min. early depending on class size), dancers will go to lobby to retrieve street shoes. As they see their parent in the front of the studio or waiting in car, they will be given hand sanitizer upon leaving. The studio will be sanitized and prepared for next class, barres if used, chairs and door handles.
  10. Between each class: Barres will be wiped down with disinfectant. The bathroom will be sprayed and all door handles and knobs disinfected. Floors will be cleaned on a regular basis.
  11. As much as we love to give hugs, it just can’t happen right now. The dancers are excited to see their friends and their teachers and we are excited to see them, but for now, no hugs or high 5’s.
  12. If a parent must send child to class with a cell phone in their bag, it must be in a sealed zip lock bag. Cell phones are breeding grounds for spreading germs and we are trying to slay any buggery germs in the studio and limit them.
  13. If your dancer feels the least bit funky, please don’t send them. We have debated checking temps on everyone but many times the readings are inaccurate depending on hot car, A/C exposure, wait time outside, etc. If a dancer needs to be sent home, you will be notified and they will wait in the lobby. When you arrive, someone will walk them out.
  14. For those parents who are not comfortable with these new procedures, I understand. We will also be Zooming the classes for your dancer to do at home at class time.
  15. We are not offering all of the classes right now that we have in the past because of the extra time involved in these new procedures. There are 4 teachers besides myself this year and we will be assisting each other when needed. These are very difficult times that we are all living in right now but please know that we are taking your child’s safety very seriously. All of the teachers are on board with these things and are all ready to get back to the studio and look forward to seeing your dancers again.
  16. At the end of each night, the lobby will be cleaned and disinfected. We are installing HEPA filters on our heating and air.
  17. In moving forward with this, it is extremely important to me to communicate with parents about all of these procedures. We are proceeding with these new studio plans with the utmost concern for your safety and the safety of your dancer. If you have more questions, please call me.