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Costume Pickup

TUESDAY, MAY 26th – 10am-2pm
WEDNESDAY, MAY 27th – 5pm-8pm

The studio will be open on Tuesday and Wednesday for you to pick up your dancers’ costumes. Only one person will be allowed inside at a time and you will need to be wearing a mask, as we will be wearing them. If you prefer to stay in your vehicle, call my cell phone and someone will bring your costumes out to you.

Some costumes did not get fitted before the studio closed in March. You may have to pin straps if needed. If it is something more than that, call me. As always, costumes will be steamed when you get them. HOWEVER….tights did not get ordered and you paid for them. If you have tan tights, we are asking that you wear them and I will credit your account the $10 you paid for them. If you absolutely cannot come up with a pair of tan tights for your dancer, I have some at the studio that I can give you. I just don’t have enough for everyone. I NEED TO KNOW IMMEDIATELY IF YOU NEED TIGHTS.



Recital Videotaping & Schedule

How it Works:

When you arrive at the studio, no more than 10 minutes before your scheduled time, each class will enter through the door marked Backstage. Someone will meet you outside the door and the dancer will be brought in. Your dancer needs to be in their costume with all parts in their clear bag, along with all dance shoes. No other bags allowed in the studio. Hair and makeup needs to be done and a mask on. They will be given a certain area for their items. They will change into their tap shoes first and stay in their area (we have everyone spread out).

They will be taken by class into a studio to review dance and be videotaped. Dancers need to wear their masks through this process except for the actual video. After the videotaping is done, they will leave through the main lobby to the front of the studio where you will be waiting outside or in your car. We anticipate each class being in the studio approximately 1 hour. Please be ready to pick them up in 45 minutes in case we are early.

Here’s a refresher on how to do hair and makeup if you need it.

Hair & Makeup Info



MONDAY, JUNE 1 @ Studio
4:00 – Beginners
5:00 – Musical Theatre
6:00 – Combo 1
7:00 – Hip Hop 1
8:00 – Ella Dzingle Competition Solo (20 Min.)

TUESDAY, JUNE 2 @ Studio
4:00 – Int. 1 Ballet
5:00 – Int. 1 Tap
6:00 – Int. 1 Jazz
7:00 – Hip Hop 2
8:00 – I Won’t Stop (Team 20 min.)

4:00 – PreDance
5:00 – In Motion
6:00 – Combo 2
7:00 – Elem. Lyrical
8:00 – Teen Lyrical

The following is the schedule for the older dancers at Ramada Inn. You will be given a map of where to park and enter.

THURSDAY, JUNE 4 @ Ramada Inn
4:00 – Lyrical 2
5:00 – Int. 2/3 Tap
6:00 – Int. 2/3 Ballet
7:00 – Int. 2/3 Jazz
8:00 – Tin Tin (Team)
8:20 – Fix You (Team)

FRIDAY, JUNE 5 @ Ramada Inn
2:00 – Independent Woman (Team)
2:30 – Terrible Things (Team)
3:00 – Pointe 2
3:30 – Duet (Katie/Cassidy)
4:00 – Adv. Tap
4:30 – Addison (Team Solo)
5:00 – Dance (Team)
5:40 – Reagan/Americas (Team Solos)
6:10 – Bethany (Team Solo)
6:40 – Party (Team)
7:20 – Rain Like This (Team)
7:50 – Adv. Jazz
8:30 – Never Letting Go (Team)
9:00 – Hip Hop 3

SATURDAY, JUNE 6 @ Ramada Inn
9:00am – Pointe 1
10:00 – Lyrical 3
11:20 – Be Alright (Team)
12:00pm – Melodie (Team Solo)
12:20 – Cassidy (Team Solo)
12:40 – Avery (Team Solo)
1:00 – Olivia (Team Solo)
1:20 – Maddie (Team Solo)



Recital Photos

If you would like to have an individual photo taken in your recital costume, you will need to fill out the form that was given to you at costume pickup. Jamie from Little Keepers will be at the Studio June 1, 2 and 3 and at the Ramada Inn on June 4 to fulfill photo orders. Pictures will only be taken for dancers that complete the form and bring it with them the day they want their picture.