Pre-Dance and Beginners

  • Tights (pink or tan)
  • Any color/ style leotard
  • Ballet Shoes (pink)
  • Tap Shoes (tan)

Level 1 and Level 2 Combo

  • Tights (pink or tan)
  • Any color/ style leotard
  • Ballet Shoes (pink)
  • Tap Shoes (tan)
  • Jazz Shoes (tan)

Ballet Classes – Intermediate & Advanced

  • Pink Tights
  • Black Leotard (any style)
  • Hair pulled back in a bun
  • Pink leather split sole ballet shoes with elastic sewn on

All Other Classes

  • Jazz: Tan jazz shoes
  • Tap: Tan or black tap shoes (depending on level)
  • Hip Hop: Tennis shoes
  • Lyrical: Tan jazz shoes
  • Musical Theatre: Tan jazz shoes
  • Acro: Bare feet

*Competition Team Dancers may be asked to purchase alternate footwear other than what is listed

Hair should be pulled back off the face and students are required to follow the dress code listed below.

The Following Applies to All Classes:

  • Proper dance attire must be worn in class. Any style of dancewear is acceptable and either suntan or pink tights. Ballet sweaters and close fitting knit dance shirts are acceptable.
  • Students must wear the proper footwear in class.
  • Leotards and jazz pants, dance capris or dance shorts may be worn in jazz, tap, hip hop, musical theater, lyrical and acro. Close fitting dancewear tops are acceptable.
  • Costumes are not allowed in class.
  • Absolutely no shorts, t-shirts, street wear, or baggy clothing! Denim of any kind is not acceptable dancewear. Baggy clothing hinders the teacher’s ability to help your student. A leotard or close fitting dancewear top rather than t-shirts, should be worn in all classes other than ballet.
  • Names must be written in all articles of clothing and shoes with permanent ink.
    *Please have your dancer check our lost and found if any articles go missing
  • Students will not be allowed to dance in class without proper dancewear. If a student arrives at class without dancewear, a clean studio leotard will be available in the dressing room.
  • The DANCE ATTIRE rule is a good discipline builder for the students and will be enforced.